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Can Dogs Eat Sticks? Is It Safe Or Should You Stop Them?

A dog is a perfect pet to have. They are full of love and energy. They are loyal and do well around other animals and humans. This is why dogs are, by far, the most popular pet. In the US alone around one-third of all households own a pet dog. 

Dogs are unique in their ability to provide companionship. In most cases, you can take your dog anywhere with you. They are also very active and like being outdoors.

At the same time, dogs are very curious creatures. This can be a good thing since dogs are good at finding lost objects and even helping to solve crimes. It can also lead them to trouble.

Can dogs eat sticks?
Can dogs eat sticks?

If you do not keep your dog away from such things, the dog may end up seeking out and consuming them. The most common thing that dogs tend to consume is rocks or sticks that are in ample amounts outdoors. Now the question arises, can dogs eat sticks? Let’s find out.

Can Dogs Eat Sticks?

Sticks are very attractive for naturally inquisitive dogs. Sticks represent a great find as your dog goes about exploring outdoors. Despite how happy and excited your dog may be to find a stick you need to be careful. Watch out for sticks for the following reasons:

Dogs Eat Sticks

Sticks Are Not Fit For Consumption

Sticks are, unsurprisingly, not fit to be eaten by dogs. They lack the nutritional value that food contains. Eating sticks will not do any good, instead, it can harm your dog.

Dogs naturally like to hunt, so finding a stick that is covered in food or bird droppings may intrigue dogs. They may even try to eat it only to their detriment.

Dogs Should Not Eat Sticks As It is a Life Threatening

Eating sticks are not just useless it is unsafe. No matter how small a stick is there is always a possibility it may do internal damage. 

Sticks when not properly broken down can seriously hurt your dog’s throat and stomach. Splinters from sticks can get stuck inside the mouth, tongue, or throat and cause excruciating pain. This may prompt a visit to the vet.

Dogs are not meant to eat or digest wood. Eating sticks can cause digestive issues as well. 

Eating Sticks

Can Dogs Eat Sticks? No, Even Chewing Sticks Is Bad

Sticks are tough making them a suitable tool for sharpening teeth. Dogs love to chew on sticks. However, even chewing sticks is not safe. 

Sticks are rigid and damage your dog’s teeth and mouth. The chances of getting a splinter stuck as a result of chewing on a stick are also quite high. Your dog should stay away from sticks altogether.

Preventing Your Dog From Eating Sticks

Here are some ways you can prevent your dog from eating sticks:

Keep Your Garden Or Yard Clean

Clean your head or garden frequently to get rid of any rogue sticks. It sounds like a lot of work, but once you get into a routine clearing becomes a simple task.

Prevention is the best cure after all. The best course of action to keep your dog from eating sticks is to get rid of sticks.

Give Your Dog Chewable Toys

Your dog might just be getting interested in sticks because he wants to chew something. Naturally, chewing may lead to eating the stick. 

This is why getting chewable toys is very important. If your dog enjoys chewing on things there are plenty of toys that will provide a much better and safer alternative to chewing on a stick. 

Get Your Dog Checked

If your dog is eating unreasonable and even harmful things, like sticks, it might be time to go to the vet. Sometimes dogs eat items that are not edible, like dirt, paint, or even sticks, because of deficiencies of necessary vitamins and minerals.

If you notice your dog is consuming such things it is time to get your dog checked for pica. Find out the deficiency, and then give your dog the appropriate medicine and diet. Usually when the deficiency goes away so do the deviant eating habits. So, it is always good to consult with your vet.

Caring For Your Furry Friend

Dogs act up as a means to gain our attention. Dogs seek out love and attachment. Being alone or feeling neglected makes them extremely anxious.

To prevent your dog from engaging in harmful behaviors it is necessary to care for them. Your dog must feel pampered. Here are some ways you can care for your dog fully:

Feed Them On Time

Always follow the scheduled meal times. Train your dog to only eat during meal times. Follow the schedule so you always feed them on time and your dog does not get too hungry and start looking for food elsewhere.

Keep Your Dog Groomed

Part of keeping your dog safe is ensuring basic hygiene. Hygiene leads to good health. A clean and groomed dog is less likely to get certain diseases and conditions that occur due to a lack of hygiene.

You can groom your dog at home yourself or get an expert to do so. In most cases grooming at home is not difficult and there are plenty of tools available that can help you keep your dog in good shape. For example, here is the best dog scissor you can buy that will make trimming your dog’s fur a simple task. 

Keep A Close Eye On Them

You can give your dog all the facilities and necessities they need to thrive, but you need to keep a close eye on them.

Close monitoring can prevent or address many diseases and conditions. A close watch will help you recognize possibly harmful behaviors.

Bottom Line: Can Dogs Eat Sticks? Absolutely Not!

Finally, Can Dogs eat sticks? Not at all. Remember to always keep an eye out for unusual behavior. It is best to stop harmful behaviors before they become habitual, like eating sticks. 

May Hurt Your Dog

You can always keep your dog away from such dangerous situations. These preventable issues take an effort however keep your dog safe and protected which is the most important thing. Dogs need love and care. It is our duty as owners to protect them.

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