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How Long Do Cockatiels Live? A Guide For Cockatiel Owner

Cockatiels are small pretty birds with very famous and outstanding choices as a pet. They have eye-catching color patterns and shades which immediately attract the bird’s lovers. Cockatiels are adorable, cute, sweet, and cunning. Individuals love cockatiels as pets because these unimposing parrots are not challenging to keep and train for tasks. They learn quickly to speak and whistle. Lovable, communicative, and humorous are their significant characteristics due to which people like them the most and keep them as pets. In this article, we will talk about how long do Cockatiels live?

How long do cockatiels live
All about cockatiels

Cockatiels are Australian birds with common names weiro, tiel, cockatiel, and quarrions. They are the smallest member of the cockatoo family and 12-15 inches in size. There are many types of Cockatiels birds include

  • Albino Cockatiels 
  • Lutino Cockatiels 
  • Yellow Cockatiels 
  • Pied Cockatiels 
  • Pearl Cockatiels 
  • Laced Cockatiels 
  • Cinnamon Cockatiels 
  • Fawn Cockatiels 
  • Opaline Cockatiels 
  • Silver Cockatiels 
  • Grey Cockatiels 

How long do Cockatiels live?

The frequently asked question about pets is “how do long they live”? 

There are multiple aspects of this question that needs to answer because the life span of everything is uncertain but depends upon,

  • Care and Nursing 
  • Diet and Nutrition 
  • Environmental Factors 
  • External Factors 
  • Hygienic Concerns 
  • Proper Cleanliness 
  • Environment of Living 
  • Domestic Care 
  • Personage and Conduct
  • Companionship
  • Guardianship 
  • Socialization

The most appropriate answer to how long do Cockatiels live, the average life span of the Cockatiel is 10-25 years. The species is primarily migratory, moving to where there is food and water. Species are usually observed in groups of two or three. Hundreds of birds will gather around a single body of water at times. Cockatiels in the wild typically feed on seeds, including Acacia, sunflower, sorghum, and wheat. They frequently devour cultivated crops, much to the chagrin of many farmers. They are the only species of cockatoo that may reproduce at the end of their first year. 

How long do Cockatiels live in Captivity?

The two major factors contributing to this question include diet and nutrition and care and nursing. 

What about Diet and Nutrition in Captivity?

Diet is a primary component of life for any living thing as life depends on diet. Variety is essential for any parrot’s diet, especially cockatiels. Seeds can be a healthy addition to your diet, although rich in fat. Seeds should make up 30% of the bird’s diet. Diet pellets are frequently the best option for cockatiels or birds due to their nutritionally balanced ingredients.

Birds can’t select their favorite seeds and ignore the others. Provide a mixture of fresh veggies and fruit to ensure that your bird gets all its nutrition. A Cockatiel consumes approximately one tablespoon of food every day. Every morning, offer them either a seed or pellet mixture. Give diet as much as the cockatiels may consume. In a bowl, arrange fresh fruits and veggies. Remove everything they haven’t eaten after one hour; don’t offer your bird spoilt food. Proteins, including hard-boiled eggs, lentils, and cooked meats, are served in moderation. Grown seeds are another great technique to diversify a bird’s diet. Avocados, coffee, chocolate, and salt are all poisonous to birds and should never be fed to them.

What about Care and Nursing in Captivity?

After an appropriate eating regimen, remember some vital consideration prerequisites for any cockatiel. Caring for the Cockatiel is relatively very easy. The assortment is the way into a sound eating routine for somewhat parrot, including cockatiels. Necessarily do the same as we discussed in the diet and nursing section. So, please provide them with appropriate supplements, natural goods, and fresh meals.

How long do Cockatiels Live in the Wild or Forest?

Cockatiels are natural foragers in the wild. They eat fruits, plants, and grass seeds there. The proper care and necessities are not available in the wild or forest. That’s why the lifespan is very much less there. How long do Cockatiels live in the woods or jungle? The lifespan of the wild is almost 15-20 years.

Do Environmental Factors affect Cockatiels’ Lifespan?

Environmental Factors

Appropriate atmospheric conditions can either kill these birds or cause infections. Wild cockatiels live in dry and hot locales. They are warm-blooded; along these lines, outrageous virus conditions can hurt them in this manner, shortening their life expectancy. They adjust to changing climate and environment by moving. Likewise, the bird proprietor ought to make the cockatiel’s current circumstance fun and locking in. This can be accomplished by furnishing a suitable enclosure with roosts and cockatiel toys. Cockatiels can thrive at room temperature and should not be presented to warm excessively outrageous sources. It is ideal for putting the enclosure away from places like air vents, windows, and convenient warmers. 

External Factors

The most critical external factor is temperature. A protected climate incorporates one that keeps an average temperature somewhere between 65- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. A bird that is too chilly will burn the entire effort for warmth, and one that overheats is in danger of heatstroke and demise.

How to judge your Cockatiel’s Health?

Health Concerns 

For being a pet lover, if you want your Cockatiel to live long enough to stay with you, you should be aware of birds’ natural well-being, fitness, and diseases. The most common disease of Cockatiels is obesity.

How much should we feed our Cockatiel?

How long do cockatiels live
How long do cockatiels live

This is also a critical question to be answered. Feed Cockatiel thrice a day and provide all components of the diet. Only seed feeding will lead them towards obesity.

How to keep your Cockatiels safe from diseases?

Proper Cleanliness 

Keeping your cockatiel and living place clean can keep it blissful and sound. Cleanliness is fundamental for keeping your cockatiel healthy, and it adds years to life.

  • Change the day-to-day liner in the enclosure. Clean the food, water, and jugs with warm and bubbly water. 
  • Week after week: You’ll have to clean out the eating plate and mesh clean 
  • Month to month: You’ll have to clean the whole enclosure each month, incorporating the bars.

How do Cockatiels be happy Cockatiels?


Cockatiels are birds of love and care. They are very entertaining and funny so stay with your pet, give them proper time. Play with them, have fun with them this will keep them fresh and feel happy. You will also feel happiness in this environment, and you constantly chirp with their sweet and melodious voices. Companionship is also essential for the life expectancies of the Cockatiel.

How to judge your Cockatiels is sick?

Personage and Conduct 

The Cockatiel is very friendly, lovely, and easily adjustable in any environment. Still, if the Cockatiel is frustrating and not adjusting in a cage used to staying in the flocks, they can have the disease due to which their personality changes. Identify these early signs and treat them. Loss of appetite disturbed sleeping patterns, disorientation, and unusual eating are signs of sickness.

Guardianship and Socialization

Guard Cockatiels from any accident, save them from harsh conditions, stay social with your birds. Avoidance and isolation include a sign of ailment.

How do Cockatiels usually die?

They usually die due to sudden pandemic or disease with signs and symptoms such as isolation and hyperacute disease.

Is rest time affect the life expectancy of Cockatiels?

Cockatiels ought to get 8 to 12 hours of continuous rest. It also influences the life of the Cockatiels. 

How to reduce the harmful effect of physical inactivity in captivity?

Exercise adds years to life” will keep your cocktail away from disease and keep them healthy and fit. Exercise them regularly. 

Captivity vs. wild lifespan of Cockatiel?

Cockatiels live in a forest or wild with a life span of almost 15-20 years, while the tame Cockatiel with a healthy and nutritious diet is 20-25 years old. 

Average life span:  By providing proper care, the life span includes almost 15-20 years, some people reported this is 30 years, but it is scarce.

These pretty birds need affection, love, and care. Living in a peaceful and stress-free environment where they receive all necessities will help to prolong their life.

Variety of CockatielLife expectancy
Wild Cockatiel10 to 14 years
Captive Cockatiel20 to 29 years
Cockatiel with extreme care36 years
Average Life Span Chart of Cockatiels

How to maximize Cockatiels’ life span?

The life span of the Cockatiel in captivity entirely depends upon the caretaker. Proper diet, Environmental factors, External factors, Hygienic conditions, Proper cleanliness, the Cockatiel environment of living, Companionship, and rest time all contribute to the life span of Cockatiels.

When you buy a Cockatiel, how old should it be?

Before being delivered home from the breeder, a cockatiel should be able to eat on her own. This can happen as early as eight weeks of age. However, many young birds still require formula of hand-feeding on occasion. To ensure that a chick will thrive feeding on its own, wait until cockatiels are about 12 weeks old. Cockatiels in the wild would no longer be dependent on caregivers at this age.

Even if a cockatiel is for sale, a chick younger than eight weeks is too young. Hence it would be best to not think about bringing this young chick home unless you have prior experience hand-feeding parrot chicks. If a bird is returned home before fully weaned, it may lose weight, become feeble, and possibly die. Hand-feeding is complex, and getting it wrong might result in the death of your chick, so practice is necessary.

How do you know about cockatiel’s age?

If you acquired your bird from somebody or want to be more accurate in identifying its age but don’t have a breeder or ring to give you any tips, unless you’re a qualified expert yourself, you’re tricky. Some bit indicators may aid you if the bird is under two years old; after that, it will be nearly impossible to determine the age of a cockatiel.

  • Before its first molt, a young male cockatiel will resemble a female. Its face will be grey rather than the characteristic yellow of adult males. This molt happens after around six months.
  • Young cockatiels are unlikely to be able to sing effectively or at all (males typically produce tunes).
  • Males usually don’t start courting until they’re approximately six months old, while females typically start broody for the first time around a year.
  • It might be possible to use the looks of the bird’s feet and face as preliminary indicators if you’re skilled, but the distinctions are minimal.


Cockatiels are very captivating, lovable, pretty, communicative birds. While we give them proper time, care, and love, they could be our best friends and remain loyal to the owner. Cockatiels are naturally loving, petite, sweet, energetic, and intelligent animals. However, they require a proper exercise plan, toys, and many things to add joy and fun to their life and adequate training. They can live anywhere in the world from 14-20 years. While the captive lifespan is almost 20-25 years because they receive more care in captivity. Cockatiels have a pretty long age pattern and show beautiful color mutations.

“How long do Cockatiels live”? This frequently asked question was answered in this article. If any question is pending, you can remind us through the below comment section.

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