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How long do parakeets live? [Average Lifespan]

A parakeet is a small parrot with predominantly green plumage and a long tail. It belongs to multiple genera with having long tail feathers. They are famous for their particular colors, talking abilities, and intelligence. Because of their small size and low upkeep, parakeets are considered as best pet birds for your companionship. Suppose you want to add a parakeet as a pet to your lifestyle but are worried about the lifespan and living style. Here you will find a piece of fantastic information about parakeets’ life. In this article, we will discuss “how long do parakeets live and their lifestyle.” 

How long do parakeets live
How long do parakeets live

Sometimes they are known due to their older names, such as paroquet or paraquat. The word Parakeet usually refers to the budgerigar in American English, a Parakeet species. 

Other names of the parakeets include:

  • Monk Parakeet
  • Plain Parakeet, 
  • Sun Conure Parakeet, 
  • Princess Parrot Parakeet, 
  • Grass Parakeet, 
  • Barred Parakeet, 
  • Mustache Parakeet, 
  • Green Cheeked Parakeet, 
  • Golden Parakeet, 
  • Rose-ringed Parakeet, 
  • Budgies Parakeet,  
  • Blue Parakeet. 

How long do parakeets live?

One of the common questions, “how long do parakeets live” comes into our minds when one of us wants to keep a parakeet as a pet at home. Parakeets are Australian Natives, but some breeds migrated to Southeast Asia. Parakeets are commonly found in pair forms or flocks (colonies). That’s why pairing or grouping form is the best strategy to keep a parakeet. When we want a pet for lifetimes, mostly that may not be possible, but you can consider parrot family members. 

However, knowing a pet’s lifespan, anyone does their best to determine the essentials of a pet for their better living. Parakeets laid 4 to 10 eggs, and the maximum hatching time takes 18 to 19 days. After 30 to 35 days residing in their nest, parakeets leave the nest. Depending on certain factors, they can live up to 5 to 30 years. 

Do environmental factors affect Parakeets’ Lifespan?

By estimating several factors, we can determine the life expectancy, such as genetic disease, wild or captive lifestyle, food, ecosystem, breeds, and healthcare provided to them. Different species have different life expectancy ratios and male and female breeds. After reading this post, you will be able to care for your bird pet (Parakeet) entirely at home. So, let us discuss how long do budgies live to make the right choice in their care.

Captivity vs. wild lifespan of parakeets

As parakeets are more than 120 varieties, few are kept as pet birds in captivity while others wander in the wild. But according to specific estimations, wild species live more years than a captive, depending upon healthcare with a proper diet. Pet parakeets live up to a maximum of 15 years while wild species live up to 30 years. Let’s discuss how long do parakeets live in captivity and the wild?

 parakeets the lovely birds
parakeets live

How long do parakeets live in captivity?

How long do parakeets live in captivity entirely depends upon the caretaker? Parakeets are small and fragile pets that require proper care and a balanced diet to live completely. Pet parakeets live up to a maximum of 6 to 15 years. Under captivity, they remain secure from fear of a predator. Sudden changes in the climate, including rain, storms, winds, hot or cold weather, and snowfall, may alter their living style or life period. 

On the other hand, parakeets like to depend on their owner for everything—for example, proper diet, environment, company, activities, and shelter. A little bit of negligence in any of them can cause serious health problems like diabetes or obesity. Mental health is another factor for a parakeet’s lifespan. Although we love parakeets, they would be happier with their siblings. 

Captive Parakeets’ Lifespan

Here’s the lifespan of some parakeet species under captivity. These species are influenced by care factors like inbreeding or genetic diversity. The more you care, the more they live.

  • Budgerigar- Average Lifespan includes 5-8 years. 
  • Grass Parakeet- Average Lifespan comprises 7-10 years. 
  • Monk Parakeet– Average Lifespan shall consist of 15-20 years.
  • Plain Parakeet- Average Lifespan includes 15 years.
  • Barred Parakeet- Average Lifespan consists of 10 years.
  • Mustache Parakeet- Average Lifespan contains 20-25 years.
  • Plain Parakeet- Average Lifespan includes 15 years.
  • Barred Parakeet- Average Lifespan consists of 10 years.
  • Mustache Parakeet- Average Lifespan contains 20-25 years.
  • Rose-ringed Parakeet- Average Lifespan includes 25-30 years.
  • Green-Cheeked Parakeet- Average Lifespan consists of 30 years.
  • Golden Parakeet- Average Lifespan contains 20-25 years.

How long do Parakeets live in the wild?

How long do parakeets live in the wild, depending on wild conditions? Although parakeets live under fear of the constant prey of giant birds, they can live more in the wild than the captive. It depends on natural environmental conditions such as living in the tree limbs or cavities. Some birds have more capacity to live in a natural environment, and they can bear every type of fear easily. The maximum lifespan of wild parakeets is 30 years. 

Do wild parakeets are happy parakeets?

The answer is yes! Wild parakeets are happy parakeets because they have their own choice to live. It means they live independently in the wild. These birds sing songs and fly all the day, searching for food and water to lose the risk of obesity. 

Parakeets like to live in flocks or groups of a maximum of 20 to 100 birds. They gain access to seasonal vegetables, fruits, and seeds. Apart from it, stable mental health due to their activities helps them live longer, healthier lives than that of the captive birds. There is no danger to wild parakeets other than falling prey to giant birds. 

How long do parakeets live
How long do parakeets live

How long do blue parakeets live? 

A Blue Parakeet, often known as a Budgie, would be a welcome addition to any bird lover’s home. A blue parakeet has an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years. This is, of course, when they are well cared for and live in a happy, loving family. It will also assist your Blue Parakeet to have a long and healthy life if you feed it well.

Even someone who already has birds may be able to learn a thing or two about these birds before adopting them. These factors include where they came from, the foods they enjoy eating, and the type of living environment they thrive. How long do blue parakeets live? We discuss this here!

Before going to the pet store to adopt a Blue Parakeet, one should be aware of these facts.

Where do blue parakeets come from?

Both the blue and green parakeets are endemic to Australia, where flocks can still be seen flying around in the open. The Blue Parakeet is a migrant bird that migrates in big flocks across Australia. These lovely birds like to mate even during rainy seasons in their natural habitat with enough food and water. 

What are the foods they enjoy eating?

The Blue Parakeet’s food varies depending on the weather. They can technically live off just birdseed, but numerous other foods need to be included in their diet. Although bird seed is an essential component of their diet, it should not be their only source of nutrition. Specific fruits and vegetables should make up the balance of their diet.

What type of environment can they live in?

Cleanliness is essential to parakeets, and they demand a clean-living environment. This may require you to clean their cage multiple times every week to maintain your young birds happy and healthy. Cleaning their house is also an excellent opportunity for you and your Blue Parakeets to connect and bond. Perhaps you’ll be able to teach them a few new words.

Because blue parakeets are boisterous, energetic birds, you’ll want to acquire them a large cage in which they can hop around and play. They’re also social birds, so expect to have more than one Blue Parakeet if you won’t be able to play with them all of the time. You’ll need a cage big enough not only for two birds but also for their toys.

How long do parakeets live without food? 

How long do parakeets live without food is a common question? A parakeet can go without meals for a day or even 24 hours. Because the Parakeet has such a quick metabolism, they burn up the calories and energy they consume in such a short amount of time. They can get quite unwell if they go without nourishment for more than 24 hours.

How much does a parakeet need to eat?

Parakeets are picky eaters, and how you deliver the food to them is more important than the amount of meal you feed them. Only around two teaspoons of seeds are required every day for parakeets. The type of food and the dish utilized, on the other hand, is critical.

How to judge your Parakeet Health?

  • Its toes and feet are immaculate.
  • It’s upbeat, energetic, and enthusiastic.
  • Its eyes and beak do not have any crusting.
  • It demonstrates a desire to make friends with both other birds and people.
  • It is curious about its cage, toys, and perches.

How to judge your Parakeet is sick?

  • It could be coccidiosis if your bird is tired and seems to have wet, runny fecal matter or if the feathers on the back end appear dirty. You should wait just a few days and then make dietary changes, such as only giving seeds, to see if the situation improves; otherwise, consult with a veterinarian.
  • Tears continuously stream from your parakeets’ eyes when they have parrot fever. If you seriously doubt your bird is suffering from chills and fever, make an appointment with a veterinarian right away.
  • The intestines move out of place as a result of rectal prolapse. It’s distinguished by a red marble protruding from the bird’s back. Please consult a veterinarian as soon as possible if you observe this. In such circumstances, take surgical action.


A parakeet is a small parrot with predominantly green plumage and a long tail. It belongs to multiple genera with having long tail feathers. They are famous for their particular colors, talking abilities, and intelligence. They love to live in folks or colonies and sing songs. They can live longer in the wild than in a captive condition. On average, a pet parakeet has a lifespan of 5 to 15 years and still depend on healthcare provided by their owner. At the same time, wild Parakeet has a maximum lifespan of 25 to 30. It depends on environmental factors that affect them. If anyone wants to add a pet parakeet to their life, this article will help you. Stay tuned for the following guide about your pet bird. 

Comment below and tell us how helpful you found this article? We would be more than happier to answer your queries. 

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