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How Much Does a Talking Parrot Cost? Complete Guide

If you are looking to buy a talking parrot, there are many factors to consider. For example, do you want it for an animal companion or as an educational tool? Do you want a large bird or one that’s more compact? And how much does a talking parrot cost? There are countless species of birds that can talk but some are more expensive than others. Here we’ll look at how much it would cost for various types of parrots that can speak English words.

On average, how much does a talking parrot cost?

A talking parrot can cost anywhere from $70 to $2,000. The price depends on the type of bird and where you buy it from. You can look for deals on talking parrots at websites like Amazon or Alibaba. They offer a wide variety of prices that may fit into your budget. This activity would give you a price insights of different birds.

How much does a talking parrot cost?
How much does a talking parrot cost?

What are the talking parrot species

There are a variety of talking parrot species that you can choose from. African Grey Parrots and Amazon Parrots are two of the most popular talking bird species. If you want to buy more than one pet, consider getting a pair so they can keep each other company!

Macaws, Pionus Parrots and Eclectus Parrots also make great pets because they have beautiful plumage and come in many colors such as green or blue. Following is the list of parrots very famous in talking.

  • African grey parrot
  • Amazon parrot
  • Eclectus parrot
  • Mealy parrot (also known as the blue-fronted)
  • Nanday parakeet or nanday conure (large green bird with brown tail feathers)
  • Quaker parrot, also known as monk parakeet
  • Red-fronted Amazon Parrot

How much does a talking parrot cost? The cheapest ones

The least expensive talking parrot are budgies and cockatiels, which start at around $70 each. The price of talking parrots can vary depending on the species, quality and age. Keep in mind that mostly male members of Budgies and Cockatiels talk and learn to talk. Females are not known for talking, however, breeding purpose is served.

How much does a talking parrot cost? The most expensive

Macaws are the most expensive parrots, and they can cost as much as $3,000 each. A macaw is the largest parrot species in the world—at about 40 inches long with a wingspan of up to six feet, it’s one of the biggest birds you’ll ever see. Macaws have been domesticated for thousands of years and can live up to 50 years when properly cared for. They can be trained to talk just like other parrots, but because of their size and temperament (they’re known for being aggressive), they don’t make very good pets for children or inexperienced owners. However, this parrot can learn how to talk very quickly.

African Grey Parrots are very expensive too.

African Grey Parrots are generally the most expensive, ranging between $1,500 and $2,000 each. These types of parrots are known for their intelligence and people often consider them to be one of the best talking parrot species. The average life expectancy for an African Grey Parrot is 30 to 50 years in captivity.

The price of talking parrots specie wise

Talking parrots are not cheap. The price of talking parrots specie wise is as follows:

  • Budgies and cockatiels are the least expensive, with parrotlet in between. The prices range between $50 and $100 each.
  • Macaws are more expensive than budgies or cockatiels, usually ranging between $700 and $1800 each depending on their color and size.
  • African Grey Parrots are generally the most expensive, ranging between $1,500 and $2,000 each depending on their coloration patterning and varietal differences among breeders around the world who love to breed such kind of birds for many reasons including money making purposes too!

Parrots that don’t talk.

As you may have noticed, some of the parrot species listed above can talk and some can’t. The ones that can’t are typically referred to as “squawkers.” These types of birds don’t make any sounds other than chirping or squawking when they’re happy, but they don’t actually engage in intelligent communication like some other species do (like Amazon parrots). So while they aren’t able to communicate with humans verbally like an African grey might be able to do…

…they’ll still keep your company just fine! And if you’re looking for a bird who won’t bother others with constant loud noises? Well then there’s no better choice than a mute parrot species!

How much does a parrot cost? Final thoughts

Talking parrots

It’s worth considering that you get what you pay for. If you’re truly looking for a unique, lively pet, it would be worth your while to invest in the $2,000 variety. If you simply want a talking bird as a novelty, then the $70 price tag might be more satisfying. Either way, you’ll still need to budget for food, housing, and vet costs; so make sure not to ignore those in your calculations!

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