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How To Train a Husky Puppy | Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Huskies are unquestionably one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world, with their luxurious coats and bright blue eyes. They are also among the most obstinate. Expert dog owners and husky enthusiasts frequently advise novice dog owners against getting this energetic breed. However, husky training is doable if you know where to begin. Consider this your beginner’s guide to husky training. We’ll go over the specifics of a husky’s physical characteristics, temperament, and, most importantly, how to train a husky puppy.

How to train a husky puppy

Characteristics of Huskies

The working group’s medium-sized members are huskies. Their typical heights are 21 to 23.5 inches for men and 20 to 22 inches for women. Males weigh 45 to 60 pounds more than females, who typically weigh 35 to 50 pounds. Huskies typically live 12 to 14 years, a fairly long lifespan for a size dog. As members of the spitz family genetically, huskies are well adapted to cold climates. Huskies are renowned for being adaptable as well. Huskies can live in any climate with a lot of shade, a cooling fan, and plenty of water when the weather is hot.

Training a husky puppy

Work with a trustworthy breeder before training.

Working with a trustworthy breeder is crucial to Siberian Huskies because the popularity of these dogs has given rise to many dishonest breeders. Randee McQueen warns that many people are selling mixed-breed puppies whose parents haven’t undergone the necessary health examinations, particularly since the pandemic started.

When purchasing a puppy or dog, thoroughly research the breed to ensure it is the right one for you, and then work with a breeder who can provide the necessary paperwork for your dog. McQueen enjoys visiting the puppy’s mother and conversing with the father’s owner.

Make sure the breeder is exposing the puppy to socialization

This segment has its own importance in “how to train a Husky Puppy” process. The first eight weeks of your husky puppy’s life will be spent with the breeder. These are critical weeks in a dog’s development, which makes it even more important to select your breeder carefully.

Breeders are responsible for socializing and stimulating the puppies during these weeks. McQueen states, “I always like to see that they’re doing something with the puppies. I’d like to see images of them having fun with the puppies. I want more than just images of puppies in abandoned pens. Even though it won’t be for a while before you can let your dog play in the yard alone, you can prepare your home for your pup by patching up any holes in the yard. Being notorious escape artists, Siberian Huskies should be trained to live in extremely stable, secure environments. Keep in mind that a dog can squeeze through any hole that is four inches or larger.

Husky Puppy

Training section – How to train a Husky Puppy

It would help if you started forming good habits and starting your dog’s family life training during the first few months after your dog arrives home from the breeder.

1. Set Training

All dogs benefit from crate training for various reasons, including providing the dog with a secure environment and making transportation simpler for owners. It’s crucial for Siberian Huskies in particular because of their propensity to escape, so you’ll need to be able to secure them if there are visitors quickly.

2. Additional Socialization training

At this young age, it’s critical to continue socializing with your dog. Randee McQueen advises dog owners to let their new puppies play with other dogs as long as the other dogs are immunized. She adds, “You don’t want to isolate them from everyone and everything out of concern for parvo or distemper.” It would help if you tried your hardest to protect them by ensuring their dog is immunized.

3. Setting Up a Schedule

Establish a regular schedule for your dog’s meals, sleep, and bathroom breaks. You can plan time for training and play as well. Just make sure it’s plentiful!

4. Introduce grooming and nail trimming to your dog.

Siberian Huskies blow their coats a few times a year, so you should start acclimating them to the bathing and grooming that will take place then. Begin brushing them with the brush you intend to use, wash them in a washbasin, and, if you intend to use one, dry them with a blower. Playing with their nails now will help them get used to the possibility of having them cut and otherwise handled later on.

5. Start training for obedience

Your dog can enroll in obedience classes outside the home at 10 to 12 weeks old if it receives all of its shots. It’s a good idea to ensure that the class demands that all other enrolled dogs have received their vaccinations. Siberians are a medium-to-large breed, so Randee McQueen emphasizes how crucial it is to train them in obedience at a young age and stop any antisocial behaviors like mouthing and chewing in their tracks.

6. Play Will Keep the Dog Active

Last but not least, it’s time to start focusing on your dog’s unique needs and preferences, particularly in play and activity, at this stage in their development. What games do they like to play? What do they do to pass the time? Build activities around your dog’s preferences by keeping an eye out for them. McQueen emphasizes that chase might be more effective than games of fetch because Siberians won’t be amused for very long by them. Given their high level of intelligence, it’s essential to figure out what motivates them and create a schedule that meets those needs.

Husky dog

Winding-up – How to train a Husky Puppy.

Huskies are infamously challenging to train. They are also kind, playful, and consistently pleasant. You can train your husky to comply with your commands if you’re prepared to put in the necessary time and effort. You’ll be able to concentrate on your dog’s friendly disposition rather than their stubbornness if you start with simple commands, are consistent, and use positive reinforcement.

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