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Is Pedigree Good for Dogs as a Food? Why and When!

Hungry and cute, your dog is ready to be healthy. It is your duty to ensure that you give your dog a healthy and proper diet. Puppies grow faster so you need to choose proper dog food out of all dog food brands in the market. Food plays an important role to give your dog energy to build strong bones and immunity. Food also provides full energy to your four-legged friend to play and learn. One major question always occurs that is pedigree good for dogs as a food?

Pedigree makes a great all-rounder product that is available for all sizes and breeds of dogs. So, in the post today, we will be discussing all the facts and information you need to know about pedigree.

Pedigree Dog Food
Is Pedigree Good for Dog as Food?

Let’s have a look on:

  • What is pedigree and why is pedigree good for your puppy?
  • Your puppy’s best nutrition
  • Why does puppy food differ from adult dogs?
  • When you should feed your puppy?
  • Pedigree’s top 5 ingredients: the breakdown
  • Source of lutein
  • Pedigree nutrition guide
  • How is pedigree food bad?
  • What is Purina and how it is better than Pedigree?
  • Why is Purina better than Pedigree?
  • Is pedigree making dogs sick?
  • How pedigree is improved now?

What is pedigree and why is pedigree good for your puppy?

Pedigree dog food is a plant-based dry dog food that helps to provide all vitamins and proteins to your little pup. Judging by its ingredients, it is an average dry product but we still need to determine its meat content to give this product a final rating. Pedigree claims that they have 56% carbohydrates, 13% of fat level, and 24% of dry protein. Thus, the brand claims a fat-to-protein ratio of 47% and carbohydrates of 55% for the overall product line. This brand earns a 1-star rating out in the market because this is not a wet dog food containing soybeans. This is just a form of meat in dry form.

Your puppy’s best nutrition

The pedigree brand talks sells both dry and wet canned foods. Treats are also a variety for this to add on. The Pedigree brand also makes food for your puppy’s overall health such as hip and joint health, weight control, and oral care. Like every other brand, Pedigree brand also categorizes its products by age of the dog

  • Puppy
  • Adult
  • Senior

And also, by the size of the dog

  • Small breed
  • Medium breed
  • Large breed

Pedigree is a fit lower budget food for dogs and it has been sold in the grocery stores for many years.

Why does puppy food differ from adult dogs?

Puppies grow faster, therefore, it is that phase in which the puppy’s bones and joints get stronger. So, giving them a proper diet is essential. In this stage, they begin to develop their organs, which is a sensitive stage as it is imperative to be healthy. On the other side, adult dogs are already grown up, their nutrition needs are different from puppies because they only need a diet to maintain their bodies.

When you should feed your puppy?

First of all, puppies must be weaned from four to six months and they should be fed at least three times a day. After some time twice meals per day is also fine.

Daily Feeding Chart age-wise for dogs
Daily Feeding chart for dog age-wise

Pedigree’s top 5 ingredients: the breakdown

As we have talked about above, pedigree dog food has dry protein, carbohydrates, and fat. But if we break down these nutrients then the most essential ingredients in pedigree dog food are: –

  • Source of lutein
  • Poultry
  • Rice
  • Animal fat (citric acid)

Source of lutein

The source of lutein is also known as corn gluten meal; it is a dried form of corn that contains more proteins than ordinary corn. This is a very effective and important ingredient for the growth of your little friend. If your puppy is not prone to some kind of allergy then he will have no problem consuming these corns. These corns are not so desirable because puppies with allergies can’t consume them.


Poultry product meal implies to any kind of poultry meat and it is way better than the generic animal meat but surely not as quality like chicken.


Rice is used as a carb filler and it is included exclusively in puppy foods.

Animal Fat

Animal fat is preserved with citric acid. It is better to name the source as chicken fat

Pedigree Nutrition Guide

Pedigree comes in many sizes and it is recommended to the owner to feed their dogs according to its weight and age. The guide is as follow:

Chart: Pedigree serving weight-wise of the puppy

Start off softer: start off by just adding water, mix 2-3 tbs of lukewarm water into the dry dog food. Softer meals are perfect for the younger puppy.

Mix it up: for a moist and meaty meal, add in wet canned food. Add a can of wet dog food like soybeans into 1 cup of dry dog food.

This is a daily feeding guide of Pedigree for dogs and puppies and amounts can differ for pregnant and nursing dogs.

How is pedigree food bad?

According to research and reviews, Pedigree meets the low-price check. However, it is not worth putting your dog’s health in danger for cheap dog food. The company is allowed to put anything on the bag but most of their ingredients are preserved. They use artificial flavoring that may be allergic to some dogs. Many people have been happy with Pedigree but it is still not recommended.

Pedigree dog food brands have been criticized once for making the dogs sick. But Pedigree has been responding that “after testing the dry food, it has been confirmed that Pedigree is using naturally occurring fibers and Pedigree is still completely safe for your dog”.

What is Purina and how it is different from Pedigree?

Purina is also a very famous dry dog food brand in the US and its products are sold all over the world. Purina’s dog food is completely balanced to fulfill the body requirements of your four-legged furry friend. Purina uses proteins in the form of beef, catfish, chicken breast, anchovies, etc., carbohydrates in the form of brewer’s rice, brown rice, cellulose fiber, ground millet, etc. Animal fat and corn oil is used to maintain the fat ratio in the food. Purina is different from Pedigree in terms of variety in ingredients. Pedigree’s ingredients are specific whereas Purina makes dog food in tons of varieties that are suitable to every dog and cat.

Why is Purina better than Pedigree?

Purina and Pedigree are both the two most economical and reliable brands available in the market. In comparison, Purina has a better percentage of fat levels and proteins in its ingredients. Purina also serves less harmful and less allergic ingredients than pedigree.

How Pedigree can make Dogs Sick.

People who have purchased affected products have been asked for a review. Many people said batches of pedigree might contain an extra level of Vitamin D which is making our dogs sick when consumed for 1 to 2 weeks. Pedigree recalled this issue and they disposed of all the batches that were made recently. They checked their ingredients and made a new batch and till now they haven’t received any issues.

How Pedigree is much improved now?

As we all know, pedigree is plant-based dry dog food and also, they have to change some formulations in their product to keep going in the market. Pedigree created its new formulation on recommendations by the health center and vet centers. After changing their formulas of ingredients, they resulted in good oral care, good digestion, a strong immune system, and a healthy skin coat. In other words, you need to make these four areas strong for your pet. A strong diet helps build these muscles and makes the joints strong.

This makes sense to us; skin is your pet’s largest organ and it is essential to everything from protecting the pet from bacteria and viruses to regulating his body temperature. Oral care is also looked over by owners. Oral care is the best protection for getting dental diseases. More than 80% of adult dogs can be infected with dental diseases easily. So, oral protection is necessary.

Same for a healthy and strong immune system, pedigree’s new formula has been stuffed with more fibers and more ratio of carbs with proteins. Pedigree claims that this new batch will save your pet’s immune system from getting affected by different diseases and bacteria.

Pedigree’s new line will start hitting the stores this month, and the results of taste testing will be out shortly. Meanwhile, Pedigree commits to ensuring that people for providing high-quality dog foods with more fibers to boost their immunity.


Food is the most important and crucial part of the day as it helps in providing energy to your dog so that he can develop strong bones immune. There are various kinds and types of foods available in the market.

Every owner has their own preference for dog food when it comes to feeding them. But the food that is considered to be all-rounder is Pedigree. Pedigree produces a superb all-rounder food that is suitable for dogs of any and all ages and breeds. It is recommended by almost all dog owners. Pedigree is full of nutritional value for dogs. It has a combination of carbohydrates, fat, and dry protein. As per recommended standard give Pedigree from one and a half cups to one cup and for a grown-up senior dog, the portion goes up to six cups. You should do a comparison between different food brands and go for that which satisfies you the most before heavily investing into the dog foods.

Another thing is to consider the choice of your lovely human friend. Keep in mind they also have taste buds. Do a portion test on them and observe whether it suits their body and immune system or not. Then do the bulk purchase.

Hope this article helped you answer some of your questions, if so, share them with your friends. Also, let us know what was missed in this article by providing feedback.

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