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Kitten – My Lovely Meow – A Post Only For Kitten Lovers

I like to play, I like eating, I want to sleep with you and be with you all the time. My Lovely Meow I cannot live without you. This is a post I wrote from my heart and is dedicated to kitten lovers only. I would love you to read it and share your thoughts with me on how much you love your kittens too.

I Want To Play

It is one of the most charming and innocent things that kittens and cats do. They love to play with almost everything they encounter, whether it’s their siblings or you. They may explore your home as if it were their own private playground. And if you have multiple pets in your home, they will likely spend plenty of time playing with them as well!

Kittens are also often curious about new toys and other objects that are brought into the house for them at this stage. When you first buy a new toy for your kitten (cat), don’t expect him or her to immediately jump right on top of it and start playing with it right away—most kittens will want to investigate first!

Lovely meow is happy with

Kittens love to play with their toys and climb on the surfaces just like other cats do, but what makes them special is that they love to cuddle up with their owners and curl up into little balls while they are resting. They also purr loudly when they’re happy or excited about something!

I Want To Eat – My Lovely Meow

Kittens are always hungry. In fact, they are the world’s most demanding pets. They want to eat all the time, which can be very annoying for you! Not for me because I love my lovely meow so much.

Lovel Meow having meal with me

Please note that kittens should not be fed milk or milk products (such as yogurt). Do not give them ice cream either. These things can make your kitten sick and may even kill it! Kittens should be fed only dry food, canned food and raw meat until they grow up a bit more.

I Want To Sleep

You have heard many times that kittens need a lot of sleep. Sleep is one thing that makes every cat happy, but kittens are the happiest people when they are sleeping.

It’s true that kittens need more sleep than adult cats and can sleep for 16 hours a day! Kittens can also be found in different positions while they are sleeping. This habit makes them very active when they get up.

kittens sleeping together

Studies show that almost all cat families sleep most of the daytime. They only wake up around the evening or so.

I Want To be with You Always – Lovely Meow

If you want to make your cat happy, you can do so by doing the following things:

  • Cats love attention from people who love them. They want us all day long when we come home from work and after dinner at night until we go to bed at night.
  • Keep in mind that cats are territorial and they need their territory. Therefore, they will always try to mark it with their scent glands (the chin) or spray urine. By doing this, they send a message that this place belongs to them. You should not allow them outside without supervision because other animals or strangers may come here and challenge their ownership over the area. If it is possible for you, provide an outdoor enclosure for your cats like an indoor/outdoor enclosure so that they can enjoy some time outside safely.”

I love you… oooo Lovely Meow

I love you ….

I love you little kittens. You are so cute and adorable. I love your behavior and the way you talk. It makes me feel happy inside my heart.

lovely kitten grooming

I have a kitten in my house. I love the moment when he walks with me in the park and plays games with me all day long. Every time when I see his cute actions, it makes me feel so good and happy inside my heart because his actions are so innocent as well as lovely which is making everyone fall in love with him!

Kittens are Innocent and Lovely – Make you Feel Happy.

There are some animals that make you feel happy. It can be a dog or cat, but the most lovely and innocent one is the kitten.

Kittens are very cute and lovely. They have got eyes like a baby’s and their actions are also so innocent that it makes you to love them.

For example, when one kitten sees another one sleeping on top of its head and starts licking it with its tongue because he wants it to wake up from sleep! Isn’t that lovely? My kitten does this to me because he loves me and wants me to be with him.


I love kittens. My lovely meow!!!!

I mean, who doesn’t? They’re so cute, and they’re so innocent. It makes you feel happy to see them playing around in the sun, running after their own tails, or just being their little selves.

Kittens are just the best. I love you my lovely meow.

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