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7 Lovable Small Parrot Breeds – You’ll Love It

Are you a parrot lover? Do you get attracted to the color, size, shape of parrots? Well, be ready to get to know about them. Parrots of different breeds vary in size. Some are big and some are smaller than others but we will focus on small parrot breeds in this blog. Small parrots make good pets including lovebirds, budgies, and many other breeds so let’s get started.

  1. Lovebird
  2. Budgie
  3. Bourke’s Parakeet
  4. Brown Throated Conure
  5. Hahn’s Macaw
  6. Parrotlet
  7. White-Fronted Amazon Parrot

Let’s discuss some interesting facts about these small parrot breeds.


Lovebirds are the most adorable breed of parrots as they are tiny and they are best for apartments. Lovebirds usually reach 5 to 7 inches in length and they weigh approximately 40 to 60 grams. They are called Lovebirds because they and gentle and they have a strong bond with other lovebirds and their owner. They sing and chatter when they are happy and excited and they don’t make too much noise.

Love Bird

The voice of the lovebird is soothing and pleasant. This breed falls in the small parrot’s category but they also require some exercise which suggests that they require socialization to be happy and excited because otherwise, they’re going to feel unhappy and bored.

Love Birds Little annoyed
Love Birds first catchup


Budgies which are also known as parakeets are small and very popular pet birds among kids because they are very affordable to buy as their prices are $10 to $30 per bird. They are also very small and this breed looks very attractive because there are plenty of colors in them. Their height maximum reaches 7 to 8 inches and the average weight of a budgie is 30 to 40 grams. Australian and English are two kinds of budgies. The English budgie is slightly larger than the Australian budgie and they are mostly used for trading. They enjoy spending time with people and they can also be trained to speak different words of any language.


Bourke’s Parakeet

Bourke’s parakeets usually have long fur on them due to which they look a bit bigger and healthier but they are also small. The average height of a Bourke’s parakeet is between 7 to 8 inches. Budgies and Bourke’s parakeets are from the same family and their characteristics are very similar except for the personality. Bourke’s parakeets are very calm and they don’t make any noise unless they are feeling exhausted or worried. They sing beautiful melodies when they are happy. If you have got a young Bourke then you can also train him to speak many English words as they try to speak like their owner. Bourke’s parakeet usually weighs around 45 grams and they make a very special bond with other breeds such as Lovebirds, finches, budgies, cockatiels, etc. 

Bourke’s parakeets

Brown Throated Conure

In comparison with other Conures, Brown-throated conures have brown feathers around their neck and chest area. They can reach up to 10 inches in length and an average Brown-Throated conure weighs approximately 100 grams. The personality of this breed is quite fascinating as they are very fast and they require a large living space to be happy. To keep them happy and healthier, you need to give them access to a large living space regularly.

Brown Throated Conure
Brown Throated Conure

They are also likely to play with colorful toys because colors draw their attention. Brown-Throated conures don’t make too much noise but they can also be very noisier if they are not happy and they don’t get explore large spaces.

Brown Throated Conure Resting at Tree

Hahn’s Macaw

According to the research, Hahn’s Macaw is the smallest breed of Macaws. They are 12 to 14 inches in length and weigh approximately 140 to 165 grams. This breed has a very strong beak and jaw. They can also bite through cages and human skin. These parrots are small but they are very noisy as they require noisiness around them. They are not good for apartments unless they have a company with them such as other parrots. Hahn’s Macaw gets frightened easily and when they are frightened, they scream and make noise continuously. These are lightweight birds and they don’t require very large living space but the cage should be at least bigger than usual cage sizes.

Hahn’s Macaw


Parrotlet is the world’s smallest parrot as they are 3 to 5.5 inches in length and weigh approximately 20 grams. This breed is eye-catching because of its colors. They come in many astonishing shades and colors and they are very friendly. They enjoy spending time with people and other birds and they also play a lot with pet toys. The personality of parrotlet varies according to the environment around them. Some are shy and some are very confident and noisy. The average lifespan of parrotlet is 15 to 18 years. Their healthiness depends on their age and their activities. These are best for apartments but you should always put them in a large cage. A cage measuring 19 inches in length and 26 inches in height will be best.


White-Fronted Amazon Parrot

White-Fronted Amazon Parrot is the smallest in the amazon family of birds. They usually weigh 200 to 220 grams and measure 8 to 10 inches in length. These birds are quite friendly and they live in the wild of amazon forest and tend to approach strangers and play with them. These parrots are confident and they find it interesting to look at other species’ activities. These birds can’t be kept in cages as they are naturally livable in large and open environments. These birds can live up to 50 years which is longer than any other breed of amazon parrots. White-Fronted Amazon Parrots are person birds, which means that they make a special bond with a person they meet and stay with longer.

White-Fronted Amazon Parrot


Parrots are the most loved by people to be taken as pets. People enjoy spending time with them and even teach them to speak just like we humans do. There are thousands of breeds in parrots that differ in color, body structure, size, and even in nature. Small parrot breeds such as Lovebird, Budgie, Bourke’s Parakeet, Brown Throated Conure, Hahn’s Macaw, and Parrotlet are preferred by people. But on the other hand, it’s a long-term commitment as adjusting parrots in the environment with changing temperatures, weather conditions, etc. is a task. So, jump into this bandwagon carefully after analyzing your lifestyle and how much attention you are ready to give.

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